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Bachelor of Science in Law

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Bachelor of Science in Law

As a student of AITU, you have started the journey of professional success.  Our Bachelor of Science Degree in Law is provided both on campus and online.

Once you have filled out your registration form and it has been processed, you can start your degree program immediately. 

Bachelor of Science in law (124 Credit Hours)

General Requirements                 :  32 Credit Hours
Core Requirements                      :  52 Credit Hours
Concentration                               :  40 Credit Hours


Degree Requirements

General Requirements 32 Credit Hours
  1. ENG-101: English Writing Skills 4 credit hours
  2. ENG-120: English Writing and Research 4 credit hours
  3. PHL-101: Critical Thinking 4 credit hours
  4. MTH-101: Basic Algebra 4 credit hours
  5. CHM-101: General Chemistry 4 credit hours
  6. PSY-202: Social Psychology 4 credit hours
  7. HIS-101: American History 4 credit hours
  8. SOC-201: World Religion 4 credit hours


Core Requirements 52 Credit Hours
  1. ECO-101: Microeconomics 4 credit hours
  2. PLS-201:  Introduction to Political Science 4 credit hours
  3. HIS-202: Europe: Age of Revolution & Reform 4 credit hours
  4. ENG-220: Critical Writing 4 credit hours
  5. HIS-203: Europe in the 20th Century 4 credit hours
  6. PLS-320: Comparative Politics I 4 credit hours
  7. PLS-301: Political Theory: A Historical Perspective 4 credit hours
  8. PLS-330: Political Economy 4 credit hours
  9. ECO-102: Macroeconomics 4 credit hours
  10. PLS-310: Introduction to Development 4 credit hours
  11. PLS-340: American Political Thought 4 credit hours
  12. PLS-341: United States: Politics and Government 4 credit hours
  13. PLS-210: World Politics 4 credit hours


Concentration 40 Credit Hours