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Doctorate Degree Programs

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Doctorate Degree Programs

Earning a doctorate degree takes you to a new and high level of competencies that enables further career progress whether as a researcher, an academician or a professional.  There is no doubt that an investment in a doctorate degree economically pays off as it qualifies you to assume higher level positions and thereby increasing your potential earnings.

AITU Doctorate degree programs have been designed that enables students to acquire an in depth understanding of the academic knowledge as well as develop high level analytical, critical and research skills. 

AITU Doctorate degree programs are provided on-campus and online in a flexible and accelerated format. In the flexible format, you will finish each course in 15 weeks while in the accelerated format, you can finish each course in six weeks.

Once you have filled out your registration form and it has been processed, you can start your degree program immediately.  AITU offers the following Doctorate Degrees