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Doctorate of Science in Business Administration

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Doctorate of Science in Business Administration


With the highest level accounting degree, a new array of career opportunities is open to you especially if you know that the job market is in high demand. As a graduate of a doctorate degree, you are now qualified to work as a faculty and researcher at college level. In addition, you will be qualified to work in private, public, nonprofit and government sector at higher managerial levels with higher responsibilities and of course highly competitive salary.
Once you have filled out your registration form and it has been processed, you can start your degree program immediately.


Degree Requirements

Core Requirements
16 Credit Hours
  1. BUS-701: Research Design and Methodology
  2. MTH-702: Business Statistics
  3. MGT-705: Management Strategies
  4. FIN-702: Advanced Budgeting





Concentration Requirements

24 Credit Hour
  1. FIN-801: Corporate Finance
  2. MKT-805: Advanced Strategic Marketing
  3. MGT-810: Leadership Theories and Practice
  4. HRM-805: Global Human Resources Management
  5. MGT-890: Management Seminar