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Doctorate of Science in Islamic Studies

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Doctorate of Science in Islamic Studies

Furthering your studies and earning a doctoral degree would increase your confidence in growing in your career and attaining high level managerial position


Islamic Banking and Finance Concentration Requirements

Core Requirements
20 Credit Hours
  1. BUS-701: Research Design and Methodology
  2. MTH-702: Business Statistics
  3. MGT-705: Management Strategies
  4. ISS-701: Advanced Shariah & Islamic Jurisprudence II
  5. FIN-702: Advanced Budgeting


Concentration Requirements
28 Credit Hour
  1. IFN-702: Advanced Islamic Banking and Finance Law II
  2. ECO-702: Islamic Economic Theories
  3. IFN-720: Islamic Insurance and Re-insurance: Takaful and ReTakaful
  4. IFN-890: Islamic Banking and Finance Seminar
  5. IFN-891: Islamic Jurisprudence and Shariah and Islamic Banking and Finance Seminar
  6. IFN-899: Dissertation



Islamic Studies Concentrations

Department of Law and Islamic jurisprudence
Department of interpretation and sciences of the Qur'an
Specialization of Islamic creed
Specialization of educational administration
Specialization History and Islamic Thought
Specialty Hadith and its Sciences
Specialization Islamic Economy