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Master Degree Programs

Investing in your career is definitely a wise and right decision as it enables you to make a positive impact on your professional future and your society at large. An effective Master’s degree program should enable students to acquire academic knowledge along with necessary real world skills that can be directly applied in the workplace.

AITU Master’s degree programs are competency-based and are taught by faculty members who are outstanding academicians and exceptional leaders in their fields.  It is time to start your Master’s degree program and master your profession or, maybe, take a step further towards earning a Ph.D.

AITU Master’s degree programs are provided on-campus and online in a flexible and accelerated format. In the flexible format, you will finish each course in 15 weeks while in the accelerated format, you can finish each course in six weeks.
Once you have filled out your registration form and it has been processed, you can start your degree program immediately.  AITU offers the following Master’s Degrees