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Master of Science in Information Technology

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Master of Science in Information Technology

Holding a post graduate degree is highly appreciated by employers of today’s global business environment. AITU School of Technology prepares its Master’s degree candidates for higher career opportunities.

Once you have filled out your registration form and it has been processed, you can start your degree program immediately.

Masters Degree: Information Technology

The Master of Information Technology is provided on-campus and online and in two different formats. In flexible format, students can get their degree in two years after satisfying its requirements of 56 credit hours. On the other hand, candidates can work harder towards attaining their degree in one year throughAITU accelerated program.

Core Requirements :  28 Credit Hours
Concentration :  28 Credit Hours


Cyber Security Concentration Requirements

Core Requirements
28 Credit Hours
  1. CYS-501: Research Methodology
  2. MTH-501: Business Statistics
  3. CYS- 510: Information Security Governance
  4. CYS-520: Networking and System Security
  5. CYS-530: Information System Risk Management
  6. CYS-540: Computer Ethics: Historical and Cross Cultural Issues
  7. CYS-550: Cybercrime I


Concentration Requirements
28 Credit Hour
  1. CYS-650: Legal Issues in Cyber Security I
  2. CYS-655: Information System Intrusions I
  3. CYS-656: Information System Forensic Investigation I
  4. CYS- 660: Biometric Authentication
  5. CYS-670: Cyber Security Policy I
  6. CYS-699: Thesis