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Message From the President

Our Mission is to provide quality certificate and degree programs to our students around the world while maintaining a culture of diversity and acceptance.

Our faculty and staff strive to maintain the highest degree of professionalism while providing a personalized approach to help each student become successful in their chosen career path.  Our professors have been selected based upon their academic credentials and experience in their respective areas of concentration.  All faculty members bring a wealth of real world experience and seek to share their knowledge and experience with their students.

Our approach to higher education centers around meeting the ever changing demands placed upon our students.  This includes the use of a variety of teaching styles and delivery mediums.
In today’s competitive market, employers are placing an emphasis on students that are skilled and work-ready.  Here, at the American Royal Theological University, we strive to provide students with both the technical skills needed to be productive while ensuring that those critical interpersonal skills needed to promote synergism, team oriented and professional work ethics in the work place are a required component of our curriculum.

So, enroll today and join us in your higher education journey!  

Dr. Ronald D. Fite
President, AITU