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Student Services

Student Services

Students Services

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As a quality education destination, AITU provides programs that are student-focused and competency-based. Thus, all degree curricula integrate academic theory and professional experience, thereby, enabling students to acquire skills for successful career progression.


Student Recourses


Various student services are offered at AITU University.

Orientation Program

AITU University offers an orientation program for new students..


At the end of each program student will have to complete a final exam.

Counseling Service

Personal counseling is available for students

Academic Advising

AITU provides Academic advising to their students.

Research and Evaluation

Research and evaluation staff are available to assist our students.


Dissertation Guidelines


Various student services are offered at AITU University.

Writing the Dissertation

AITU University requires all doctoral students to strictly follow the guidelines of the latest edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA) format, including guidelines on headings, spacing, margins, typeface, number of pages, citation and reference style, rules in the usage of graphs, figures, tables, and so forth. Doctoral students as well as their dissertation supervisors and examiners should carefully consult and rigorously adhere to the APA Handbook. AIYU University expects that every dissertation is an original work. Plagiarism is a ground for failing the doctoral program; the University may also apply more serious sanctions if circumstances warrant them. Students are responsible to understand the concept and consequences of plagiarism. In order to avoid plagiarism, the University strictly requires the students to use the APA style of documentation that requires the author-date style of documentation. All references cited in the text must be included in the reference list at the end of the manuscript.


Thesis Guidelines


Various student services are offered at AITU University.

Writing the Dissertation

All students on Master programs are requirement to complete a graduation theses. The purpose of the thesis is to demonstrate the student's capacity and ability to conduct research . The University has set the following guidelines for graduate students writing Master's theses to complete their degree. Each student should work closely with her or his advisor to come up with a thesis project of high standards.

  • Thesis Topic
  • Writing the First Draft
  • The Final Draft