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Credit Transfer

Credit Transfer

This policy outlines how to receive transfer credit for course(s) at American International Theology University from other universities.

AITU will consider transfer credits for its degree programs according to the following policy:


Information Access


· Bachelor’s Degrees: Students can transfer credits from other universities to a bachelor online degree program for up to 75% of the online degree program at AITU·

· Master’s Degrees: Students can transfer credits from other universities to a master online degree program up to 6 semester hours of the online degree program at AITU. Credit transfers can not apply for any Master’s Thesis Course.

· Ph.D Degrees: Students can transfer credits from other universities to a doctorate online degree program up to 30 semester hours of the degree program at AITU. Credit transfers can not apply for any doctoral project course.


Additional Information


1. Our enrollment process is very straightforward. The first step is to fill out an online application. Second, is to register for your course and third is to make your payment.

2. Credit transfers will be considered only from schools which are accredited by a U.S. Department of Education approved accreditor, or a school which is approved or licensed by a U.S. State Department of Education, or a school which is legally exempt from licensing under state laws, or a school outside of the U.S.A. which has the equivalent of appropriate accreditation and/or authorization to grant degrees by the country’s Ministry of Education. We reserve the right to have credits and degree programs earned from institutions outside of the USA evaluated by a credentialed degree evaluator.


Procedure for Receiving Transfer Credit


Students must make a formal request in writing by mail, email, or fax, requesting that the previous completed college course work be evaluated for transfer credits. Before submitting a request for evaluation, you must have first completed an online application form. There is no charge and no obligation for submitting the application. If we do not have an application on file, we cannot evaluate any request for transcript evaluation. Access application form.


1. We must receive an official copy of your transcripts for evaluation. You will need to make arrangements with the school or schools for which you are requesting a transfer of courses/credits. All transcripts are email it to: studentadvisor@aituedu.org

- We will accept a copy of transcripts for evaluation purposes. Once enrolled into the first course in your degree program, you will then be required to insure that official transcripts are mailed in to us from the school(s) in which we are granting credit transfers for.

2. You must fill out the transcript evaluation form and email it to studentadvisor@aituedu.org

3. In the written request, if you are a current student, please include your full name, your email address, your AITU student ID number and the degree program you are currently enrolled in.

4. If you are a non-enrolled student, please include in your written request your full name, an e-mail address, a phone number, and which online degree program at AITU you are interested in.

5. Upon receipt of a completed request and transcripts, AITU will review the submissions and inform you which courses will be transferred into the degree program. You will be emailed within 10 business days on how many courses are eligible for transfer.