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Special Education

Special Education

Furthering your studies and earning a doctoral degree would increase your confidence as well as enrich your academic and practical knowledge base.

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AITU Doctoral Degree in Education, Special Education Concentration is a 60 credit hour degree which includes

Core Requirements 44 Credit Hours
Concentration Requirements 16 Credit Hours

Special Education Requirements

Core Requirements
44 Credit Hours
  1. EDU-702: American Education History
  2. EDU-703: International Education
  3. EDU-704: Globalization and Education
  4. EDU-701: Research Design and Methodology
  5. EDU-708 Theories of Learning
  6. EDU-709: Educational Assessment and Evaluation
  7. EDU-712: Education: Law and Ethics
  8. EDU-730: Foundations of Distance Education
  9. EDU-710: Advanced Educational Leadership
  10. EDU-899: Dissertation


Concentration Requirements
16 Credit Hour
  1. EDU-754: Special Education: Law and Ethics
  2. EDU-755: Special Education Learning Theories
  3. EDU-752: Testing: Assessment & Evaluation in Special Education
  4. EDU-753: Issues in Special Education
  5. EDU-756: ADD/ADHD: Contemporary Issues and Treatment