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Join our faculty

As a quality education destination, AITU relies on faculty members who combine have solid academic background and well established professional experience. As such, faculty members focus on the core competencies that are needed by students and employers. Simply stated, students will be exposed to practical experiences and get well equipped with effective tools that are directly applied in today’s complex and challenging world.

Our faculty members have passion for excellence in education which is translated in their instructional styles. Consequently, they share their expertise with their students and supplement their core curriculum with instructional activities that provides a unique learning experience and help their students easily progress in their future careers.

Because we believe that students play an essential role in the educational process and elevating the teaching standards, AITU continuously seeks students’ feedback on faculty effectiveness. Thus, our administrators use such feedback to improve and elevate the teaching and instructional techniques.



We are currently seeking the right applicant(s) to join our growing Professor team full-time.


Adjunct Professor for :

Business School
Education School
Political Science School
Mass Communication School
Computer Science School
Islamic Finance School
Islamic Studies School


If you want to apply , please submit you resume to : careers@aituedu.org

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