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Educational Leadership

Earning a Master’s Degree will position you as an expert but, also, as one who has a expertise in education. This will definitely increase your income and allow you to take higher positions and qualifies you to pursue further studies towards your Ph. D.

Flexible or Accelerated format

AITU Master’s degree programs are provided on- campus and online in a flexible and accelerated format. In the Flexible Format you will finish each course in 15 weeks while in the Accelerated Form, you can finish each course in 6 weeks.


Educational Leadership Concentration Requirements

Core Requirements

32 Credit Hours

  1. EDU-501: Research Methodology 4 credit hours
  2. EDU-502: Educational Psychology 4 credit hours
  3. EDU -503: Theories of Development: Concepts and Applications 4 credit hours
  4. EDU-504: Human Diversity in Education 4 credit hours
  5. EDU-506: Foundation of Education 4 credit hours
  6. EDU-507: Technology and Education 4 credit hours
  7. EDU-508: Philosophy of Education 4 credit hours
  8. EDU-509: Educational Assessment 4 credit hours


Concentration Requirements

48 Credit Hours

  1. EDU 510 Foundations for Educational Leadership 4 credit hours
  2. EDU 516 Administration and Community Service 4 credit hours
  3. EDU 512 Public Administration and School Law 4 credit hours
  4. EDU 511 School Finance and Management 4 credit hours
  5. EDU 551 Elementary School Administration and Supervision 4 credit hours
  6. EDU 561 Secondary Administration and Supervision 4 credit hours
  7. EDU-699: Thesis 4 credit hours