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Special Education

Special Education

Holding a Master of Education is a step forward in enhancing your career progress. This post graduate degree has been designed to integrate the academic knowledge base with practical experiences and skills that enriches the quality of instruction and teaching as well as foster continuous improvement of the educational process.

The Master of Education is provided on-campus and online and in two different formats. In flexible, students can get their degree in two years after satisfying its requirements of 48 credit hours. On the other hand, candidates can work harder towards attaining their degree in one year through AITU accelerated program

Special Education Concentration Requirements

Core Requirements
20 Credit Hours
  1. EDU-501: Research Methodology
  2. EDU-502: Educational Psychology
  3. EDU -503: Theories of Development: Concepts and Applications
  4. EDU-504: Human Diversity in Education
  5. EDU-506: Foundation of Education
  6. EDU-507: Technology and Education
  7. EDU-508: Philosophy of Education
  8. EDU-509: Educational Assessment


Concentration Requirements
24 Credit Hour
  1. EDU-515: Learning Disabilities: Assessment and Intervention
  2. EDU-533: Managing Pupils with Behavior Disorders
  3. EDU-523: Foundations of Reading: Diagnosis and Remediation
  4. EDU-699: Thesis